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  • Using the forest to see the trees

    • Optum Workers' Comp
    | Dec 08, 2016
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    Workers' Compensation
    A claimant’s pharmacy and demographic factors such as the body part and nature of injury, and their vital statistics (for example, gender, age and geography), provide us with significant insight into a claim. Important insight is also gained from understanding their pharmacy behavior; such as the types of medications being used, how often their prescriptions are refilled and how many pharmacies are used to fill their prescriptions. Yet another source of invaluable information is the prescriber.

  • Helios Analysis Identifies Decline in Utilization of Opioid Analgesics among Trends Influencing Pharmacy Claim Outcomes

    • Helios
    | Apr 02, 2015
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    We've released our 2015 Workers' Compensation Drug Trends report! The comprehensive report provides an inside look at the trends affecting your business, including the key drivers of pharmacy spend.


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