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Pennsylvania Senate passes drug formulary

Optum Workers' Comp
| Oct 27, 2017

The Pennsylvania Senate passed Senate Bill 936 (SB936) on October 25, 2017, with a vote of thirty-four to sixteen, moving the bill to the House for approval. The original version of the bill was passed with no amendments. The bill proposes the state’s Department of Labor and Industry select a nationally recognized, evidence-based prescription drug formulary appropriate for resolving issues related to drugs prescribed for or related to the treatment of work-related injuries. Similar drug formulary legislation, House Bill 18 (HB18), was introduced in the Pennsylvania House and is currently pending in the House Rules Committee. As these bills progress through the House they will continue to have active dialogue around the formulary language and discussion of other Pharmacy related issues. We encourage Stakeholders to continue to provide information to their contacts in Pennsylvania on these issues as the Bills are reviewed in the House.

The final approved text of SB936 can be found here. HB18 latest text version can be found here

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