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Optum awarded NCQA 3-Year Case Management Accreditation

by User Not Found | Dec 15, 2017

ncqaWe’re proud to announce that the Optum Case Management program received certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Recognized for quality, the NCQA reviewed our policies, procedures and data reporting and awarded us the highest level of accreditation—a 3 year accreditation—for our comprehensive case management program.

The NCQA Review Oversight Committee (ROC) found that the program offered by Optum demonstrates strong performance of NCQA’s rigorous requirements for comprehensive case management. This status is awarded only to organizations that demonstrate strong performance of the functions outlined in the NCQA standards for Case Management accreditation. Our accreditation is effective October 30, 2017 – October 30, 2020.

Why this matters

This accreditation benefits our case management program, our clients and our client’s claimants. Earning NCQA’s Case Management Accreditation is an indication that our program is dedicated to care coordination, patient-centeredness and improving quality of care. The NCQA Case Management Accreditation is the only program that focuses on care transition.

The NCQA requires we have ongoing, measurable, quality-improvement projects in place that will continue to push our case management best practices to higher levels of achievement. Their reporting requirements ensure that we provide consistent, meaningful data to our clients and demonstrate the value of our case management program. These standards are intended to help us achieve the highest level of performance possible, increase adherence to care guidelines, and create an environment of continuous improvement.

About NCQA

The NCQA Accreditation standards are developed with input from researchers in the field, the Case Management Expert Panel and standing committees, employers, both purchasers and operators of Case Management programs, state and federal regulators and other experts. The standards for accreditation encourage organizations to continuously enhance their quality. “Case Management Accreditation moves us closer to measuring quality across population health management initiatives,” said Margaret E. O’Kane, President, NCQA. “Not only does it add value to existing quality improvement efforts; it also demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the highest degree of improving the quality of their patients’ care.”

You can learn more about the NCQA here and review the Optum report card here

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