Learn how Optum Workers’ Comp and Auto No-fault solutions drive cost savings, efficiency gains, improve the lives of injured parties and expedite claims resolution.

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Optum My Story Jenny MUR

​Meet Jenny

Medication Review

Learn how a Medication Review saved one company more than 89%, almost $35,000 annually, on one claimant’s medication expenses and how Jenny’s pain improved significantly after a change in her medication regimen.


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CaseStudy_Jacob_intro photo

​Meet ​Jacob

Durable medical equipment (DME) benefit management program

Learn how switching to a durable medical equipment (DME) benefit management program helped state fund director Jacob increase in-network penetration for DME from 44% to 86%, saving 13% to 15% per eligible bill.

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​Meet Lynda

Clinical Alerts

Learn how clinical alerts driven by predictive analytics helped TPA executive Lynda cut opioid spend 12% over the previous year and provide adjusters and case managers with tools to improve outcomes for clients and claimants. 

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Mark headshot-My Story

​Meet Mark

Predictive Analytics and VitalPoint® Express

Learn how predictive analytics guided adjuster Mark to accept interventions that saved the insurer 85%, or $55,000 in annual costs, on a long-standing claim.



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​Meet Aaron

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Learn how an integrated PBM solution helps insurance executive Aaron boost in-network penetration from 72% to 85% ― saving $1.3 million ― within six months.



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Jim - injured worker Clinical Mitigation Program

​Meet Jim

Clinical Cost Containment Review (CCCR)

Learn how a Clinical Cost Containment Review identifies problems with an unrealistic Medicare Set Aside (MSA), saves almost $2 million and improves clinical outcomes for injured worker, Jim.

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*These case studies involve actual scenarios experienced by our clients; however, we have changed the names to respect their privacy.