We provide pharmacy benefit management and ancillary services that control the growth of medical costs while doing the right thing for the injured person. It’s the natural result of insightful and innovative features, such as the nation’s largest, most complete retail network, advanced analytical tools, and pace-setting clinical expertise.

All of this enables you to make better decisions throughout the life of the claim, beginning with the first fill. This provides the ability to: 

• Track and manage available no-fault benefits
• Capture prescriptions and services "in-network"
• Achieve better outcomes with timely clinical insights
• Enable hassle-free transactions with no out-of-pocket patient expenses
• Provide vetted, quality ancillary services
• Begin lighting the way forward to settlement

For policyholders, this means fewer hassles, lower costs, and a better overall claim experience. For you, it means fewer administrative headaches, an improved bottom line, and satisfied policyholders. This is what happens when you do what's right; and why Helios is unlike any No-Fault benefits program you’ve ever experienced before. 

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