Exceptional service

You’ll find everyone at ​Optum is committed to making things just a little bit easier for both you and the injured person. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service associates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with offices in three time zones to meet your needs.

Your account management team is geographically located to be available for your day-to-day program needs. Information is shared, guidance provided, and program and savings opportunities are proactively communicated to help you make better decisions, with greater confidence the decision will achieve the desired result. Meanwhile, your personal account manager serves as a bridge between you and the rest of us at ​Optum, ensuring your voice is heard and all of your needs are met.

Joining our customer service associates and account managers in day-to-day activities is our leadership team. Their engagement ensures that all the necessary resources are available to deliver a pleasant, high-value program. 

Advocating for a better industry

​We embrace our responsibility to act as an influential voice for positive change. We monitor state and national laws and regulations to keep you informed of any changes that impact your program. We also advocate for positive change that moves our industry forward, keeping you informed about national issues and the latest trends.

Virtually seamless program implementation

We provide a dedicated, cross-functional implementation team to make your transition to ​Optum easy and seamless. This multi-disciplined approach ensures all critical pathways are identified, documented, and integrated into the program before launch. The result is a  program that runs quickly, accurately, and efficiently – right from the start.