Pharmacy Benefit Management

Our PBM program provides significant and favorable outcomes ​with customized care


Drive program performance with measurable outcomes

Medication Search

Identify utilization and cost control issues and high- and low-performing providers


Identify and execute resolution management for issues


Follow national standards of care, such as ACOEM, ODG, CDC and APS

Our pharmacy benefit management services are built on best-in-class programs that ensure convenience and safety for injured workers. Further, we offer fully customizable programs and discounted prescription pricing.

Extensive retail pharmacy network

Comprised of nearly 70,000 providers, our retail network offers access to all major retail pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies, occupational health clinics, compounding pharmacies, and physician dispensers. The size and coverage of this network ensures that injured workers have access to quality pharmacy care from trusted and familiar pharmacies close to home or work. We also provide an online pharmacy locator to help injured workers find the most convenient location.

Accessible First Fill® program and pharmacy cards

Our First Fill® program provides immediate access to medications needed to treat an initial injury. In addition, we also provide pharmacy cards to save the injured worker time. All materials are customizable to meet your agency’s specific requirements; ensuring injured workers receive medications promptly while making sure transactions receive network discounts.

Convenient ​home delivery program

Our ​home delivery program provides injured workers with the convenience of receiving their prescriptions at home through the mail. This is especially helpful for those on long-term medications who have difficulty getting to a pharmacy. As a result, injured workers tend to follow their prescription therapy more closely and consistently, leading to a faster return to work. We securely ship 300,000 prescriptions every year through our mail order program with a 99%+ accuracy rate.

Veteran clinical expertise

Our clinical approach is to assess and manage pharmacy utilization through high-quality, proven programs that reduce costs and improve outcomes. Clinical programs ensure that each product or service is appropriate and safe. As a result, your agency receives valuable insight because of our continuous monitoring of pharmacy-related activities.