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The right ancillary services can be as important as the right medication


Drive program performance with measurable outcomes

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Identify utilization and cost control issues and high- and low-performing providers


Identify and execute resolution management for issues


Follow national standards of care, such as ACOEM, ODG, CDC and APS

Whether a claimant needs medical supplies like bandages or crutches, transportation to and from medical appointments, help understanding the doctors’ orders or another type of support, the logistics associated with these needs vary greatly from a simple, one-time request, to more complex, ongoing needs. The Workers’ Comp and Auto No-fault Division of Optum is here to help.

Our high quality and cost-effective program is readily available, no matter the complexity or location, expertly delivered by knowledgeable and trustworthy providers, and anticipatory so you can be more efficient, lower claim costs and improve the claim experience.

Ancillary services from Optum Workers' Comp and Auto No-Fault

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