Our settlement solutions have been called best-in-class, and for good reason. When you use ​Optum for both PBM and ​settlement ​solutions, you’ll maximize overall savings.

As an industry leader in pharmacy benefit management, we provide advantages that are unique in the MSA industry. Predictive ​analytics, which deeply analyzes data for high risk claims earlier and applies intervention tools sooner, results in more control over costs, improved therapeutic results, and better guidance for clinical decision-making. Only we have the pharmacological perspective and technological solutions to consistently:

•    Contain clinical costs while providing the right drugs at the right time
•    Provide fast and compliant settlement solutions
•    Assist injured people with trusted fund management
•    Accurately forecast future medical costs using predictive analytics
•    Achieve a high acceptance rate for NGHP Section 111 claim reporting

This enables accurate and cost-effective Medicare ​set-aside (MSA) allocations in accordance with Medicare secondary payer (MSP) compliance, while mitigating potential barriers to settlement. It’s all designed to do what’s right for the injured person while still targeting the lowest possible defensible MSA.

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The Optum ​approach to settlement solutions

No two claims are exactly alike. Our team works collaboratively with each other and with you to provide unique solutions for all facets of MSP compliance. Cross-functional team members may include:

•    Pharmacists with PharmD credentials
•    Registered nurses
•    MSA Specialists
•    Claims professionals
•    Life care planners
•    Attorneys and legal staff

You’ll find our compliance strategies to be flexible, adaptable, and backed by collaborative, service-focused partnerships. In our decades of experience, this is the optimal way to meet the needs of the injured person while providing you with a financially-sound settlement solution.