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  • Medical Marijuana: Friend or Foe of Workers' Compensation

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    Medical Marijuana

    November 2014 
    As states throughout the country are legalizing medical marijuana, the debate continues on its safety and efficacy in managing pain. Click here to read more.

  • Looking ​Into The 2016 Political Horizon

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    MSA, Medicare Set-Aside, eBilling, Medical Marijuana, Physician Dispensing, Pharmacy Fee Schedules, Compounded Medications, PDMPs, Formularies, Treatment Guidelines, Opioids, Workers' Compensation

    January 2016
    A new political year is rolling in on the heels of a tumultuous and hectic 2015. The workers' compensation industry is being tugged from opposite ends, while set against the backdrop of a potentially caustic election cycle at both national and state levels. This paper discusses what we foresee on the 2016 political horizon. Click here to read more.

  • Worker's Compensation Pharmacy Resource Guide

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    Workers' Compensation, Opioids, Pharmacy Fee Schedules

    January 2016
    Check out ​our 201​6 ​Worker's Compensation Pharmacy Resource Guide, a refreshed take on our bi-annual Industry Perspective. This comprehensive reference guide provides pricing and reimbursement data by state, claims trends, and an index of brand and generic medications, as well as insightful opioid statistics. Click here to read more.

  • The Effect of Sleep on Chronic Pain: Enhancing Sleep Can Lead to Less Pain and Better Outcomes

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    November 2015
    ​Those suffering from chronic pain caused by a workplace injury may have trouble falling or staying ​asleep, but a lack of sleep can lead to a sleep-pain cycle where pain causes insomnia and a lack of sleep exacerbates pain. This paper offers an overview of the process of sleep, sleep disturbances, and insomnia. Additionally, it outlines treatment options and therapeutic recommendations focused on achieving better outcomes by advancing recovery and ultimately returning to function. Click here to read more.

  • 2015 Regulatory and Legislative Update

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    Physician Dispensing, Opioids, PDMPs, Medical Marijuana, Formularies, Compounded Medications

    October 2015
    ​As state legislatures adjourn for the year, read our 2015 Regulatory and Legislative Update discussing policy changes affecting industry influences, such as drug formularies, opioid analgesics, compounded medications, medical marijuana, and prescription drug monitoring programs. Click here to read more.