Medicine prep for a natural disaster

No one can stop a natural disaster, but you can prepare for them. This includes making sure your medicines are stored properly and are on hand during and following a natural disaster, a loss of power, extreme temperatures or flooding.1 Use these tips to make sure you are ready, just in case

  • Keep a current list of all your medicines, including how much to take
  • Keep a log of how much medicine you have left
  • Place medicine in water-tight containers to avoid contact with floodwater
  • Provide OptumRx with any update on a temporary shipping address
  • Contact your pharmacy for early refills in the event you cannot get to a pharmacy

1For more information on protecting your medicines during a natural disaster, you can go to the following website: www.fda.gov/drugs/emergency-preparedness-drugs/natural-disaster-preparedness-and-response-drugs.

Home delivery recipients


Your order will ship as planned, as long as you can get shipments at the address OptumRx has on file.

  • UPS, USPS, and FedEx may have limited delivery or delays. Please visit the carrier website: www.usps.com, www.fedex.com or www.ups.com for more information on delays or restrictions in your area.
  • Call OptumRx at 1-855-855-8751 for a shipment tracking number.
  • If you will not get your delivery before your medication runs out, contact your doctor and ask that your prescription be sent to a local retail pharmacy until your home delivery arrives.
  • If you need to leave your home, call 1-855-855-8751 to delay, rush, or ship to a temporary address.
  • If you need a new prescription for your refill, contact your doctor or contact OptumRx at 1-855-855-8751.
  • Provide OptumRx with any update on a temporary shipping address.
  • If you cannot reach your doctor, seek assistance in your temporary location. An urgent care center or another local doctor’s office may be able to assist you with filling a prescription at a retail pharmacy.

If you are taking a life-sustaining medicine, such as insulin, an unrefrigerated medicine may be used until a new supply is available. Temperature-sensitive medicines may lose strength if unrefrigerated. FDA officials suggest replacing immediately.

Pharmacists can help you in examining medicines for damage and help determine if a medicine is safe to use. If the power has been out for an extended amount of time, refrigerated products should be thrown out.