New York

Pharmacy ​network ​designation 

Pursuant to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law and regulations of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (NYS-WCB), a carrier or self-insured employer may designate one or more independent pharmacies, pharmacy chain, or pharmacy benefit manager that injured workers must use to obtain outpatient prescription medications.

Certain clients have contracted with ​our Tmesys retail pharmacy network and mail-order pharmacy for purposes of providing pharmacy services in New York in compliance with these network requirements. To ensure full compliance, Tmesys files updated information with the NYS-WCB on a regular basis as required. Additionally, these clients also send required notifications regarding protocols for utilizing a network pharmacy when receiving pharmacy care for work-related injuries to their employees as well as injured workers currently receiving workers’ compensation pharmacy care in New York. This notification includes information about participating network pharmacies, including a locator tool for the Tmesys network. 

Each pharmacy within the network is required, under Board regulations, to have a sufficient inventory such that it may service claimants without undue delay. Each designated pharmacy must also either be a remote pharmacy or be open for business hours that are regular and customary in the community.

More information on these pharmacy network programs including specific regulatory compliance requirements – contained in Chapter V of Title 12 NYCRR Subchapter M Part 440 of the New York Regulations – can be viewed at the NYS-WCB’s website.

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